What you need to know. . .


When do my rental payments start?  

  1. School Delivery:  1st payment covers August, then automatic payments begin in September.
  2. In Store Pickup:  The contract begins when the instrument is picked up.  Payment will be either the 1st or 15th of the month depending on which you choose.

Do I turn in my instrument now that it is the end of school?

      Your payments are going towards you owning the instrument. If your child will be continuing with band then we suggest you can keep it during the summer for next year.  However, if your child is no longer going to be in band, bring the instrument back to Bell’s Music Shop and we will terminate your contract.

How do I return a rental instrument and what do I owe?

     Bring your instrument to one of the 2 Bell’s Music Shop locations and we will give you a receipt after terminating your contract.  If your payments are up to date, you will owe nothing further.

     DO NOT return the instrument to the school.  We need the instrument in hand so we need it to check back into our system.  

Can I have things delivered to the school?

     Our Education Representatives make weekly visits to each of the schools.

     You can pre-purchase anything your child needs.  Give us your child’s name, school, and instrument so we can assure it get to the correct director who, in turn, will pass it along to your kid.

     If it an urgently required item, you should go to one of our two locations to pick it up.  The Ed Rep will only visit each school once a week on a pre-determined schedule.

How much does it cost to fix my instrument?

     If you bring your instrument into Bell’s Music Shop, we can determine everything that needs to be done.  We will discuss options and prices to let you make an informed decision. No repairs are started until you are given an estimate on price and a date for pick up.