Your instrument repair is done by professional technicians.

Accidents happen – even to the most careful musician! 100% of instrument repairs are done in-house by trained craftsmen with over 150 combined years of experience.

Woodwind and Brass Instrument repair includes everything from complete overhauls to professional internal and external cleaning.  We do everything in between including re-pads and re-corking, dent removal, slide alignments, refurbishing, instrument lacquering, and custom work (by appointment only).

On site Orchestra instrument repair includes bridge replacement, sound post adjustment or replacement, string replacements, crack repair, split seams, grafting, peg work, bow repair, varnish work, bow hair replacement, and more. Our in house Master Luthier can also build custom violins, violas, or cellos to suit your individual taste and style (by appointment only).

Every instrument is repaired within the price estimate given to you when you drop it off, and play-tested before it is returned to you.  We offer a thirty-day warranty on any repair work completed in our shop. Our goal is 100% satisfaction, and we do our best to go above and beyond for our customers.

We are pleased to offer on-site repair for many of the band and orchestra contests throughout the year.  This allows last minute emergency repairs to be done at no cost to you.

Bell’s Music Shop Inc. also offers – Musical Instrument Protection Plans.  “MIPP” are available on student and professional model instruments for a reasonable price. This covers all your repair needs for the year! Talk to us in the store for more information.