Why rent from Bell's?

  • Quality instruments and accessories that meet your teacher’s specifications
  • Affordable and easily managed interest-free rental contracts
  • In-house repair and replacement service
  • Flexible application of accrued rental payments (up to 18 base monthly payments can be applied to an upgraded instrument)
  • Month to month rental contract. Simply bring the instrument and issued supplies back to the shop and the payments stop.
  • We work extremely hard to support Music Educators, their students, and the programs we service. We wouldn’t be here without their support and that is why you should choose to rent with Bell’s Music Shop, Inc.



Rental Maintenance Plan

    The Rental Maintenance Plan gives the player a great chance to succeed because a properly working instrument is key to using correct technique and producing a quality sound. The program also brings parents peace of mind by removing the possibility of an unexpected and untimely repair bill. Probably 99% of the repairs we see would be covered by our instrument maintenance program. The maintenance program covers any repairable damage to the instrument as well as accidental damage. More specifically it covers the cost of replacing wearable parts of the instrument (which may include but is not limited to) pads, corks, springs, felts, or pivot and adjusting screws. Also covered is slide/valve work, mouthpiece removal, lubrication and the removal of minor dents which keep the instrument from being in good playing condition. The program also covers any repairable damage to the instrument's case including case latches, hinges, and handles.

    There are some limitations to the instrument maintenance plan. It does not cover negligence nor repairs or attempted repairs made by another, including teachers and parents. Nor does it cover the loss or theft of individual parts. It does not cover misuse or abuse of the instrument.  Examples: repair to a trumpet which was used as a weapon on a school bus or a complete pad replacement on a flute where every pad had been removed and nearly every cork picked off. Additional limitations are specified in the Terms and Conditions section when you begin a rental. If we can’t fix the instrument we WILL replace it.